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Daily challenges to classroom management

October 29th, 2008 · No Comments · Tags: ····

Ten minutes into my first class on Monday morning this week (5th grade), Rasheedah let out a bloodcurdling scream. I stopped class to see whether we needed 911. We didn’t. No one had touched her, but apparently, during an exploration of strength and stomping, she thought Cammie was chasing her and reacted as if a huge spider had dropped from the ceiling.

I reminded her — and the class — about some of our agreements (nixing unexpected physical contact and outdoor voices). Then, we changed course — to using our focus and moving safely in the space together.

On Tuesday we were 20 minutes into the class before another bloodcurdling shriek from Rasheedah brought us to another abrupt stop. This time, nerves rattled, I asked her to sit down and collect herself.

What I must remember is that this is an improvement for Rasheedah over last year.  New to our school mid-year, she would develop mysterious, can’t-dance ailments daily and insist on sitting out. This year she’s actively involved! Perhaps we’ll find a middle ground soon…

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