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Arts Alive is filled with context for dancers & dance students — lots of definitions, a glossary, historical information, interesting facts…

Arts Classroom-Based Performance Assessments for Washington State are available online.  These assessments at grades levels 5, 8 & 10 provide a menu of tasks, administrator’s instructions, and rubrics for assessing dance.

The Kennedy Center’s ArtsEdge has resources about teaching in the public schools, including some great lesson plans.

ArtsTime is Washington State’s biennial professional development conference for educators in all four arts disciplines: dance, music, theatre, and visual art.

Balletformen is dedicated to providing information for men who want to dance.

New York City has an excellent resource in the Blueprint for Teaching & Learning in the Arts.  Follow the links to find the Dance Blueprint pdf.

Creative Dance Center is home base for Anne Green Gilbert’s studio, including registration & class information, Kaleidoscope Dance Company, resources, articles, and professional development workshops for teachers.

Dance Advantage is a site for dance educators, students, and parents, from a studio perspective.

dancebloggers aims to be a conduit for reaching all dance bloggers & distributing their work to folks interested in dance.

DEAW is the website for Dance Educators Associations of Washington, a great entry point for connecting professionally in Washington State.  DEAW is an affiliate of NDEO.

4dancers is a site with lots of information, all dance-related.

Independent Stitch is my sister’s blog.  She’s an expert & celebrity in the field of fiber. If you do anything with spinning, weaving, knitting, or publishing/teaching on those subjects, you’ll want to get to know her!

movecreateeducate is one artist/dance educator in NYC who loves what she does & is happy to share enthusiasm & resources.

Moves4Greatness is the site of Betsy Wetzig’s work with Coordination Patterns, linking the movement patterns of “thrust, swing, shape & hang” with personality & creative styles.

NDEO is the website for the National Dance Education Organization, a non-profit, membership organization whose mission is to advance dance education centered in the arts. DEAW is a state affiliate of NDEO.

TED provides a huge menu of brilliant people expressing nuggets of wisdom briefly.  Check it out — search any topic & listen. Start with Ken Robinson on the subject of creativity in education & then wander.

try to praise the mutilated world is my daughter’s current site. She’s wonderful, but I don’t always understand her postings.  :)

Washington State’s Dance Standards for K-12 are available online, in draft form. You’ll find them at the Office of the Superintendent of Education‘s website.

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