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Tech challenges dance. Dance wins.

December 9th, 2008 · No Comments · Tags: ·

I’m limping a bit of late… both literally and metaphorically.
~Not quite on top of my game physically, so I’ve added a wireless microphone to take the strain off my voice, and I’m making an extra effort to thank the kids for their help. It’s actually easier to dance with a microphone on than it is to dance with a bum knee!
~My email at school has been down for two days, so there’s this odd communication void throughout the day and too much time spent catching up at night, from home.
~My computer/sound system works sometimes, so I’m struggling with the uncertainty, developing a series of back-up systems, and trying to run music smoothly from a CD player (which — oh my gosh! — I used to do all the time).

Fortunately, there’s still some good stuff going on with kids, rhythms, levels, number sense, and contra dancing!

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