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Domingo en Merida

March 25th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Tags: ·

Look for me in Merida in the Yucatan on Sunday.

Frommers says, “Each Sunday there’s a fair called Merida en Domingo. The main plaza and a section of Calle 60 from El Centro to Parque Santa Lucia close to traffic. Parents come with their children to stroll around and take in the scene. At 11am in front of the Palacio del Gobierno, musicians play everything from jazz to classical and folk music. There’s a lull in the midafternoon, and then the plaza fills up again as people walk around and visit with friends. Around 7pm, a large band starts playing manbos, rumbas, and cha-chas with great enthusiasm; you may see 1,000 people dancing in the street.”

And the Moon Handbook says, “Music is heard all over Merida, and dancing is a way of life. Sunday is a wonderful day in Merida. Be sure to catch one of the many free performances throughout the day. The most popular is folkloric dancing presented in front of the Palacio Municipal.”

It sounds like Sunday in Merida’s not to be missed. For even a day, I’ll be glad to try a city where dancing is a way of life…

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