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Probably not today

November 11th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Tags:

Thoughts abound, but time is scarce. No classes today, but plenty of work: email, upcoming conferences, journals to read. Probably no blogging. Meanwhile, having me at home makes the cat frisky.

We'll negotiate if I have to print.

We'll negotiate if I have to print.

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  • Deborah Robson

    What you need is a CRT monitor: warm space for cat, while retaining the ability to print. We used that technique for a lot of years. I admit: I like the flat-screen monitor much better, though.

  • megrm

    She normally sits behind me smack in front of the heater vent. This was her in-my-face pose! She was just delighted to have someone home for a change, now that J is commuting long distance…