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Teaching Portfolios

January 13th, 2010 · 3 Comments · Tags: ··

Well, this is interesting!  …the why’s, how’s, and where-to’s of making a teaching portfolio from Chicago Artists Resource, via 4dancers — which is also a good resource for useful items of import.  So I’m going to stash this information right here on my blog where I can find it again, just in case I ever have time to pursue it (which would not be today)!

And you can find it here too!

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  • Catherine L. Tully

    Thanks for mentioning this! I think your blog is a great resource–I’ll be back!

  • megrm

    Thanks for passing along the link about teaching portfolios! Many years ago, I maintained a teaching portfolio, and it was invaluable during the job search process. Having been in the same location for 12 years now, I haven’t kept it up (too busy, no need) — which is not to say it wouldn’t still be a valuable resource.

  • Catherine L. Tully

    I know–mine could use an update as well! :) Thanks for sharing this with your readers Meg–I appreciate it!