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Why Dance Matters: it nurtures our better selves

April 18th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Tags: ·

David was another reluctant dancer.  A fifth grader, new to the school, he was pretty hostile to both teachers and students.  A loner, he swore, picked fights, and lashed out at whoever was nearby.  David blossomed late in the year as a dancer — inside a full-length stretchy bag. From the safe anonymity of the bag, his fears about moving with others fell away, as he created the ominous shapes of a forbidding tree in a Native American legend. When performance time finally came, he danced both in the bag and outside the bag. Thrilled about joining the dance, he invited both family and friends to the performance — and his mother brought me flowers the next day.

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  • Mary

    Meg, I love what you’re sharing here about how dance – movement of any kind – affects these kids perceptions of themselves and how they interact with others. It’s beautiful. The amazing thing is – the same is true of adults who let themselves finally dance.

    Keep up the good work! I’ll be visiting more often.

  • megrm

    Thanks for coming by! Yes, dance is a magical medium, no matter the age. And no matter the experience — I enjoyed your truckers dancing as you came across the country!

  • Kathleen Kingsley

    Brilliant! The power of dance is the gift of transformation.

  • megrm

    Thanks for your thoughts & feedback, Kathleen!