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Why Dance Matters: it’s fun!

April 21st, 2010 · 8 Comments · Tags: ·

Ely arrived mid-year, straight from the bilingual orientation center, which meant he was barely beginning to understand English.  He agreed to step inside the dance classroom on two conditions: his shoes & socks would stay on his feet & he would watch from 6″ inside the door. The intervention specialist stayed with him, in case he decided to slip out the door and escape.

He watched for a day as the class learned the Virginia Reel. Halfway through his second day of observation, he agreed to be my partner & try it out. Within 10 minutes, he was partnering with a classmate — and a big smile on his face.

It wasn’t completely smooth sailing from there. He had his downs (warm-up exercises & improvisations) and ups (small-group choreography & cultural dances). But he could recognize a good time when he saw one!

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  • Corey

    These are just wonderful!!

  • Deborah Robson

    Enjoying these snapshots-in-motion a whole lot. Thanks.

  • megrm

    Thanks, guys! You’re my best fans! Love you!

  • Katie R.

    I am loving reading your brief stories about how dance has affected some of your students. It is obvious from your blog how reflective and deliberate you are in your teaching, and these stories share another side of that – not only are you considering what you will teach and how you will guide the lesson, but you are very aware of what your students are taking from dance, and how their experience changes throughout their time with you. As a new-ish teacher, it is great for me to hear your ideas of what I can observe, or new strategies to try to engage reluctant participants.

  • megrm

    Thanks! I’m actually surprised and grateful every time it works & a tough kid joins in! Which is not to say I haven’t had occasions over the years of kids who couldn’t be coaxed. Thank goodness, the balance has been on the side on dance & growth! I’m sure you have your own log of stories building!

  • Kathleen Kingsley

    A heartwarming story. What if our senators danced? What if members of the United Nations danced?

  • megrm

    Wouldn’t that be something?!