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In winter, the kids are sunshine…

January 25th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Tags: ·

Among 185 kids per day, there’s a lot of sunlight.  There’s…

  • Yusuf, 4th grade. When his teacher was teaching the class a song and having them do it as a round, he said, “This is just like the canon we did in dance!”
  • Anisah, 5th grade. She was with us from kindergarten through 3rd grade, and then her family moved to Malaysia. This month she came back!
  • Muna, 4th grade. Every day, she races in, with a huge hug and a greeting.
  • Jessica & Cindy, kindergarten. They peer around the corner each morning before school to see if I will let them come in and dance before school. And I do.
  • Ayub & Justin, 5th grade. At the end of class, they’re always the last to leave, practicing flips & turns & tricks.
  • KJ, 5th grade. Barely controllable, but he’s such a beautiful mover!
  • Kenyon, 5th grade. Trouble last year, but trouble no longer, he works hard & shares ideas.
  • Hasen, autism class. He said, “Hello.”
  • DaJohnna & Satori & Benet & Sophia & Misa. Knocking on the door to dance every day at recess.
  • Matthew, 1st grade.  He moves so slowly, with absolute concentration, when everyone around him is busy & moving fast.

I could go on & on, because this is the time of year when they really start to dance…!

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  • Deborah Robson

    Thanks for the verbal snapshots!

  • kw

    thanks for this inspiring message. yes, this is the time of year when our students truly begin to “dance” – whether literally or figuratively speaking. I am bummed, since I am now switching groups. Just when we are hitting a stride, my students move on to another class and new kids sweep in for the remainder of the year. While it is somewhat refreshing to gain a fresh start mid-year (imagine September anticipation and interest, with January skills and development)… it is hard to let those kids go who were just beginning to “dance”…. and it will take some time to get the new ones to that place, and then it will be June. It is a conundrum of sorts. I wish I had more time. It is hard to let those rays of sunshine walk away, but it is nice also to “let go” of the things that were not working and to have the chance to try again. Thanks for keeping up the blog – it’s a nice barometer for those of us out in the thick of it!

  • megrm

    Wow! Yes, that is a different schedule. I’m glad you’re willing & able to see the pros & cons of it! Best wishes for your new start tomorrow!

  • Catherine L. Tully

    I love the observations! As a teacher I often do the same thing, but not by typing it out…it’s subconscious. Thanks for sharing!