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Note to self: boys & girls dance differently

June 27th, 2010 · No Comments · Tags: ··

Well, duh.  In some styles of dance, of course, boys & girls, men & women learn the same moves — contemporary, modern, tap.  But in most cultures, as well as ballet & jazz, boys & girls, men & women have distinctly different styles.

Coming from a modern background, when I first started teaching in the public school setting, I had the kids work in mixed-gender groups. Almost every time, the mixed gender groups would split into two single-gender groups & create complementary [or sometimes just simultaneous] choreography. Over the years I’ve gravitated toward having the intermediate kids (4th & 5th grade) self-select their groups — and, with a few exceptions, they self-select single-gender groups.

Recently, my 2nd graders performed a series of partner dances, and their teacher paired them for performance. She put Charlize & Jacob together, and their reflections remind me once again that boys & girls dance differently! Neither the audience nor I were aware of this little drama during the performance…

When we performed, I felt bad because of Jacob being fast and hard!!!!!! I learned how to be come (calm) not CRAZY!!! But I wish I wasn’t with a CRAZY!!! Partner! I just want a come (calm) partner! JACOB was so CRRAYYZZYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we performed, I felt so exited I gragd Charlize to the front of the stage. I learned when you dance it doesn’t mater if it isn’t perfect you just have to be good, dance, and have fun.

Note to self, a reminder: Boys & girls who choose to dance together do a great job, but don’t force it!

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